New CMC website showcases research projects

Carbon Management Canada recently unveiled a new website which offers users easier access to information about the network’s research themes and projects.

“We’re really excited about the new site and have been getting a lot of positive feedback from people,” says Richard Adamson, CMC Managing Director. “The number one comment is that this site is well-organized and information is easy to find. We are a complex organization, so those kinds of comments let us know we are on target with this site.”

The compliments are no surprise, given the new site was designed by Karo Group, an international award-winning, creative firm with offices in Calgary and Vancouver. Karo is most recently the author of the Travel Alberta Remember to Breathe campaign which took home six Anvil Awards in the 2012 Ad Rodeo and had nine merit mentions in categories such as Environmental Design, logo, photography and television advertising.

The new site provides more information about CMC and the reasons for its mandate to reduce carbon emissions in a section titled Managing Carbon. It also offers expanded profiles on its industry partners, including information on why companies such as Suncor and Capital Power provide support.  A gallery function provides an easy way to upload and organize photos and slide presentations, and the home page offers more ways to post news and notices.

Expanded research section

But most importantly, an expanded research section provides detail on CMC’s 36 projects including project milestones, potential benefits to industry, research staff and publications.

CMC is keen to help its researchers find the ways and means of moving their work out into the world of practice. This site will provide potential industry and government partners with more information about networks projects and any potential benefits of those projects.

Content is still being added to the website. In particular, information is needed to build the research project section. This will come as research profiles are developed by Tracy Flach, CMC’s Research Analyst. She is currently conducting interviews with each of CMC’s 36 project leads, a time consuming process.

CMC welcomes news from and about its investigators, HQP, and industry partners.
If you have something you’d like posted to the website, send it to Ruth Klinkhammer at ruth.klinkhammer@cmc-nce.ca